Thank The WaveMaker (TTWM) started back in 2013, as a group of guys who had a love for God, the ocean and surfing; and they wanted to come together to share those passions together. As time went on it began to evolve into showing others what it looked like to become more aware of the ocean, the waves, the beach, the sea life, and even healthier lifestyles, and becoming who we were originally designed to be. It began to evolve into so much more.

By 2020, TTWM became a means to show my oldest son how you can take your creativity to new heights. How we were created to create! From there it, reignited a desire to show others how to jump into their creative flow. What's your creative flow? Have you jumped into the wave? If you haven't what's holding you back from flowing in that creative vibe?

The intrinsic nature of Thank The WaveMaker is embodied in freedom. Not the "freedom" that leads to conformity, but a freedom that allows you to enjoy the sun, surf and sand. The freedom that leaves you frothing for "one more wave." 

Do you know The WaveMaker? If not, let's get acquainted!